What is the Thomasville Victorian Christmas Festival?

What is the Thomasville Victorian Christmas Festival?

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - What's the origin behind The Victorian Christmas Festival?
It is a grand celebration of the history of Thomasville that keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.

As the Victorian Christmas Festival celebrates its 30th year, it's an opportunity for folks in Thomasville to celebrate their history with others.
Kerrie Fuller said "It's kind of like a tradition.  So it really brings a lot of families out, and a lot of out of town tourists."

The city of Thomasville grew in the 1800's as the last Southern stop on the railways.  Many wealthy Northerners came south for the warm winters and pine tree air, which was thought to promote health.  And brought with them the Victorian life not seen in other parts of South Georgia.

City of Thomasville Main Street Director of Marketing Sarah Turner said "They built grand hotels, lots of shops, things like that in downtown.  And it kind of just grew from there. So we are really celebrating our Victorian heritage.  With our brick paved streets.  We've got people in Victorian costumes, just celebrating where Thomasville came from."

So celebrating that unique history of Thomasville became a unique festival, where the women and men dress in Victorian costumes, and ride grand horse drawn carriages, while celebrating the start of the Christmas season.

Now 30 years later thousands of visitors will come to downtown Thomasville to dress up in costume and celebrate.
Turner said "We want Thomasville to be synonymous with the Christmas season.  We've got all our ribbons and bows up downtown. We've got our lights on, so we are just welcoming you, and kicking off Christmas."

For the downtown store and shop owners, it's their big time to shine.
Fuller said "It's our busiest time of the year. It really helps us to branch out to new customers, who might not come on an ordinary day, but come in because it's a special event."

A special event that will draw thousands to downtown Thomasville for the next two days, for the Victorian Christmas festival.

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