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Albany prepares for rain

(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Tommy Goodman (Source: WALB) Tommy Goodman (Source: WALB)
Jeffrey Hughes (Source: WALB) Jeffrey Hughes (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)

Much needed rain is coming down in South Georgia. While there are concerns of drains getting backed up, cities have been working to make sure that doesn't happen.

Albany's Public Works Department in been working around the clock to make sure all drainage areas are clear of debris.

Tommy Goodman has lived in Albany his whole life. He says years ago a little rainfall meant a lot of flooding. "You could never come through these roads or nothing," said Goodman. "The roads used to flood real, real bad. You either had to take your time and roll through it or go all the way around."

Now, thanks to the city's public works department he says it's not as much of a problem. "Better, it's a whole lot better," he said.

Jeffrey Hughes is the sewer systems superintendent for the city of Albany. He says the city does what they can when they know rain is coming. "We try to stay ahead of the game," he said, because it's been so dry most of the rain isn't piling up in any areas.

"It's still fairly dry even though we had rain last night. The ground was so dry that a lot of it will so in," said Hughes.

As far as backup from pine needles, Hughes says his department has been out checking and cleaning them up. "We kind of just go around to places where we know we generally have issues. We go back and check there."

Hughes say they have been making their rounds, but if you have a backup near you don't be afraid to voice your concern. "Occasionally we do get areas that clog up and if citizens get those they can call."

As for Goodman, he's says he's happy he can enjoy the rain and not have to worry about flooding like he used to.  "We used to have to walk off the front porch and stuff and wade the water. I remember how bad it was at one time, so it's pretty good compared to back then."

If you do need to call public works about a backup they can reached at 883-8998 or 311 inside the city.

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