Insurance agents give pointers on preventing holiday accidents

Insurance agents give pointers on preventing holiday accidents
Parking lot claims increase around the holidays (Source:WALB)
Agents suggest parking away from other cars (Source:WALB)
Agents suggest parking away from other cars (Source:WALB)
Steve Perrine, State Farm Agent (Source:WALB)
Steve Perrine, State Farm Agent (Source:WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As stores buzzing with customers, many zooming through the parking lot in search of a deal will ended up finding a fender bender instead.

Insurance agents say congested shopping centers can create big problems for drivers. They've got tips to help you avoid an accident and advice on what to do if you have one.

Take a look at a busy store and one thing is apparent - the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping nearing its peak for the day.

Along with it, a parking lot with seemingly endless activity is something drivers should be cautious of.

"Everyone is in a hurry. They are trying to get a million things done, but don't have enough time to do it. Its just kind of a chaotic time. And there is more incidents because of it," said Steve Perrine, agent.

In fact, insurance agents say that during the holiday season, parking lot crash claims rise by about twenty percent.

They suggest people slow down and be watchful for those pulling in and out or walking around.

If you do hit something, you they say you should also own up to the mistake.

"Agents say if you do happen to hit a car and nobody is around. Wait a little bit, see if they come out, if not, write a note with your information on it, place it somewhere safe. So, they can get back in touch with you," said Perrine.

They add that if your car is hit you should file a police report and call your insurance company as soon as you can. That makes the process easier, but agents say you can even avoid the situation entirely.

"Park at the end of the parking lot away from the other cars. Do a little more walking. It probably can't hurt after the Thanksgiving Dinner. Just add a few minutes to your schedule," said Perrine.

Those are added minutes that could end up saving you a few dings or dollars.

You can find out more on how to stay safe by clicking here.

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