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Dougherty Co. leaders want more answers before rescinding car bid

(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)

Dougherty County leaders discussed, at length, a recommendation rescinding a bid from Sunbelt Ford Town for a 2017 Ford Escape.

According to comments made by the county's procurement director, Jawahn Ware, the company's bid didn't meet specifications outlined, although Sunbelt Ford checked that their bid did meet the requirements.

Specifically, the engine size was smaller than what the county wanted.

The county has issued a new bid for the vehicle, and this time, Sunbelt Ford's bid is slightly higher, $58.17 more.

There is a difference in the new vehicle requirements listed on the bid, according to Ware. This time the county didn't ask for the larger engine, which might not even be available at all.

Several county commissioners, including the County Chairman Christopher Cohilas, questioned the new, higher bid.

Cohilas said the company should produce the vehicle at the first bid's price, and even though he noted it was just a few dollars difference, Cohilas said there was "principle involved."

Ware commented that she did not believe Sunbelt Ford intentionally deceived the county with the first bid, that it was just a human error.

Rescinding the original bid, as well as accepting the new bid, has been tabled for now.

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