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Albany Police Department hosts annual Thanksgiving dinner

Police officers fed the community (Source:WALB) Police officers fed the community (Source:WALB)
The event has been held for six years (Source:WALB) The event has been held for six years (Source:WALB)
Kawaski Barnes, organizer (Source:WALB) Kawaski Barnes, organizer (Source:WALB)
Tameika Hodge, attendee (Source:WALB) Tameika Hodge, attendee (Source:WALB)
Monroe Davis, attendee (Source:WALB) Monroe Davis, attendee (Source:WALB)

The Albany Police Department reached out to the community with a special meal Tuesday.

Hundreds of people filled the Civic Center for the annual Thanksgiving event.

Early in the evening, the line curved around the building as people slowly shuffled in. 

Once they reached the heart of the Civic Center, they found the generosity of the Albany Police Department.

 "In this community, we don't see some of the issues going on nationally," said APD organizer Kawaski Barnes. "We, as law enforcement, would love to keep it that way. The only way to do that is to bring community together, and nothing brings community together like food."  

For six years, now, that's been the case. The department has held a dinner around Thanksgiving, and people from all walks of life have shown up to dig in, but, this year, things were a little different. APD invited some of its community partners to participate. 

Among the many were Liberty House, the Lilly Pad Sane Center and a clothing giveaway booth set up by a community organizer, which had Tameika Hodge bursting with gratitude for her new wardrobe. 

"Thank you," said Hodge. "Actually, two pairs of shoes. A purse, a jacket. Its wonderful they have a lot of nice stuff out here." 

The smiles seen around the room just might be proof that the dinner did what organizers hoped it would, recognize community members and give them something to be thankful for.

"They do that to try to get close to the community," attendee Monroe Davis said. "So, we won't think badly of them. They get to know everybody ain't bad, too."

As people lined up for seconds, that sense of trust and community played out right on the table in front of them.

The menu consisted of tradition Thanksgiving food including turkey, ham and stuffing. 

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