East Albany Rite Aid burglar caught on video

East Albany Rite Aid burglar caught on video

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police need your help identifying a couple of crooks who broke into an East Albany drug store early Saturday morning.

At about 2 o clock Saturday morning at the Rite Aid on Sylvester Road, a man wearing something over his head throws an object through the front glass door of the store.  
Then another man, with a towel over his head, pushes the rest of the glass out of the door, and climbs inside the store.

The man went straight to the cigarette case, and took at least 55 individual packs of cigarettes.
Then he climbs back through the smashed door, but falls down and spills some of the cigarette packs.  He left some as he runs away.

Police are asking your help identifying those crooks.

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