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ASU students discuss global fight for human rights

The class presented about domestic violence (Source:WALB) The class presented about domestic violence (Source:WALB)
Speakers discussed human rights (Source:WALB) Speakers discussed human rights (Source:WALB)
Manuel Matos, activist (Source:WALB) Manuel Matos, activist (Source:WALB)
Silke Deeley, Liberty House (Source:WALB) Silke Deeley, Liberty House (Source:WALB)
Brittany Chester, Psych Coordinator (Source:WALB) Brittany Chester, Psych Coordinator (Source:WALB)

Albany State University students learn about the experiences of people fighting for human rights globally, and in the Good Life City.

It was presentation day in that Albany State philosophy class, but the topic of study wasn't necessarily the classics. Plato and Socrates have been set aside for a discussion on modern human rights.   

"It's about getting people to rethink how land is thought," activist Manuel Matos said. "So, it's not just seen as a natural resource to be exploited for money, but it's an environment we all live in." 

Matos is in Albany to discuss the shared challenges Afrocentric communities face in both countries.  Tuesday, he focuses on land displacement, but some speakers from Albany are talking about domestic violence, which they said violates basic human rights. 

"Human rights because that's essentially what it is," Silke Deeley, the Executive Director at Liberty House, said. "It's the human right of every person to feel safe in their own home, their community, state and country."

  That's something that's resonating with students, who also have to give a presentation on the topic.

"Being that we are college students, a lot of people touched on the fact that it can happen while you're young," student Santana Clark said. "So, it's important to be vigilant of those red flags."  

The red flags are topics speaker Brittany Chester said are important to know, but even more important to act upon. 

"You can learn about something all day, but it's all about action," Chester said. "These kids and families are likely being affected daily."

That's the goal, expose students to the reality of what could be consider human rights violations across the world to prevent them from recurring. 

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