Albany businesses hosts 'Feed the Need'

Albany businesses hosts 'Feed the Need'
Christa Kelly (Source: WALB)
Christa Kelly (Source: WALB)
Albany Fish Company Owner, Chef Glenn Singfield II (Source: WALB)
Albany Fish Company Owner, Chef Glenn Singfield II (Source: WALB)
TCHS student Takoryia Winbush (Source: WALB)
TCHS student Takoryia Winbush (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Several local businesses cooked and served a southern meal to more than 70 people in need.

Christa Kelly, 56, signed her name on a Salvation Army sheet, something she does once every two weeks.

"If it wasn't for them, people would starve, so I really thank them a lot for that," said Kelly.

When her Social Security check runs out, she turns to Salvation Army.

On Monday night, she was served by new hands.

"This is where we come to get our food," said Kelly.

Fried chicken, stuffing, macaroni and cheese and good Southern collard greens.

"Oh them collard greens are good I would like to have some more of them," said Kelly.

Those good greens are a treat Kelly doesn't often get to enjoy.

"You usually can't find nobody that cooks them that good," said Kelly.

The meal was cooked by Albany Fish Company Owner, Chef Glenn Singfield II.

"To watch people especially children, women, men to be able to eat something because they have eaten all day," said Singfield.

Singfield and several other businesses came together to fill the bellies of those in need.

"I was taught at young age my parents taught me to in order to receive a blessing you have to be a blessing sometimes," said Singfield.

Singfield stirred that passion for service into the Terrell County High School Shockwave Robotics team who served the meal.

"When I seen the kids it really brought joy to my heart because I really don't know how blessed I am until I see someone else going through something I haven't," said TCHS student Takoryia Winbush.

To Kelly, it was more than a hot meal, it was a blessing.

"I thank the Lord helping us. And I think it was good they were doing that," said Kelly.

The Salvation Army is serving 70 to 100 people for breakfast and dinner these days.

They know the need will increase around the holidays, and they encourage you to donate to help.

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