Lee Co. hospital lawsuit remains un-filed

Lee Co. hospital lawsuit remains un-filed

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - Two weeks have passed since the Grand Island Homeowner's Association said they were going to file suit against Lee County Commissioners, and still nothing has been filed.

Commissioners tell us they have received legal notice that a lawsuit will be filed in behalf of the homeowners, but so far no lawsuit.

The homeowners association president said in an October 31st letter to commissioners, they were forced to file suit to stop the proposed hospital development.

Commissioners said they can't defend themselves against a lawsuit that has not been filed, but they want to get the matter over as soon as possible, to keep the development on track.

"We're full speed ahead with our efforts to develop the golf course. Each week we're moving closer to our goal. The things we need to do to make the whole process happen are happening," said Lee County Commission Chairman Rick Muggridge.

Commissioners said they have discussed with the Homeowner's legal counsel that the Parks and Recreation Authority actually owns the Grand Island Golf Club property, not the County Board of Commissioners, to help the suit be filed correctly.

WALB has made several attempts to get a comment from the Homeowner's Association attorney, but he has not returned our calls.

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