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Dozens of storage units ransacked

Storage units (Source: WALB) Storage units (Source: WALB)
Shanetta Laster (Source: WALB) Shanetta Laster (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Patricia Faircloth (source: WALB) Patricia Faircloth (source: WALB)

49 units of an Albany storage unit business were burglarized over night, and the culprits got away. Customers were called to come see what was missing.

An Albany woman is moved to tears, as her late mother's belongings are stolen during a mass burglary. "And now she is gone.  And this is all I've got," said Shanetta Laster.

She and her husband look through her storage unit at Air Safe Self Storage, where she had stored her late mother's household goods.  "It will drive anybody a little out of place," said Laster.

Hers was one of the 49 broken into during the mass burglary.  Laster got a phone call this morning to come check her unit. 

She said the thieves took paintings, jewelry, chairs, and pictures that belonged to her mother, who died a little over a year ago. "But why, but why?  When everybody works hard for what they want. And people shouldn't have to go out and take things that belong to others."

Laster said she was also upset that her home had been burglarized twice recently.  

Other customers checked their units, where thieves broke in.  Patricia Faircloth found her unit ransacked but nothing missing, and was able to laugh about it. "I don't know, but I wish they had cleaned more of mine up.  If they had gotten rid of it I wouldn't have to clean it up," she laughed.

Many customers found their units were disheveled and had been gone through, but could not tell anything was missing. But for Shanetta Laster, it was a personal loss that leaves her in tears.

The managers of Air Safe Storage think the thieves jumped over the back fence to get into the facility. 

They are looking over surveillance video to see if they spot the crooks.  Meanwhile, they are replacing locks and bolts on the units to make them harder to break into.

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