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Albany Autism group aims to raise awareness

The group used the event as a fundraiser (Source:WALB) The group used the event as a fundraiser (Source:WALB)
The group met at Harvest Moon (Source:WALB) The group met at Harvest Moon (Source:WALB)
Kathryn Daniels, member (Source:WALB) Kathryn Daniels, member (Source:WALB)
Sonia Prescott, member (Source:WALB) Sonia Prescott, member (Source:WALB)
Heather Johnson, member (Source:WALB) Heather Johnson, member (Source:WALB)

South Georgia families dealing with autism met up Monday to help shed light on the disorder. 

The support group of caretakers and family members gathered at Harvest Moon.  

"Really, I want to have awareness, but I also want acceptance for our kids," said member Kathryn Daniels. "Not just kids, this is something that effects grownups too." 

So, to help teach people about the wide range of different needs and abilities of those on the autism spectrum, the Albany Autism Awareness group raised money for community outreach. 

Organizers hope, that by joining together, the community will end up friendlier to those who are suffering with the disorder. For example, businesses may understand and better accommodate people who might experience sensory overload.  

"So, if they are out here and they see that people are willing to give them a chance to be in their society or their little group, that's good for them," said member Sonia Prescott. 

It's also good for those taking care of family members with autism. The group, which meets once a month, allows people to swap stories, give each other advice and just hang out. 

 "It's just been great to meet other people that are relating to us and what we are going through as a family," member Heather Johnson said. "It brings about support for us." 

That support is something many said goes a long way in helping the community get a better picture of the often-misunderstood disorder. 

Harvest Moon donated 10-percent of its profits Monday night to the Albany Autism Awareness group.

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