Major Meth bust made in Lowndes Co.

Major Meth bust made in Lowndes Co.

LAKE PARK, GA (WALB) - Detectives with the Special Operations Division of the Sheriff's Office were looking into how Methamphetamine had been getting into Lowndes County, for a month.

Thursday night they stopped Douglas Kyle Pearson on Lakes Boulevard in Lake Park, after he came off I-75. Investigators found almost a pound of Crystal Methamphetamine, a .40 caliber firearm, and a schedule 4 narcotic in his car.

Pearson, 43, of Scrimshaw Drive in Tampa, Florida  will appear in the Lowndes County Magistrate Court Friday, where a bond will be considered.

Sheriff Chris Prine called the arrest, "Fantastic work!"

"The Special Operations Division put a lot of time into this investigation, and their seizure of the drugs and the arrest of Mr. Pearson prevented this terrible drug from ever making it to the streets," he said.

Pearson faces these charges:
Trafficking Methamphetamine
Possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime
Possession of a schedule 4 narcotic
Violation of probation

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