Bainbridge officers teach students 'use of force' lesson

Bainbridge officers teach students 'use of force' lesson

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Officer Involved shootings, happening recently nationwide, have started conversations about police use of force.

On Thursday, Bainbridge Officers showed students how quickly an situation can take a dangerous turn.

In a matter of seconds, a routine call can turn deadly.

"These are real life scenarios that happen to officers everyday," said Chip Nix, Bainbridge Public Safety.

Bainbridge high school students got a up close look at some of the situations South Georgia law enforcement officers encounter every day.

"Im learning new things like how it's not as easy as it seems to be a cop and even the simplest of things can turn out to be dangerous," said Jared Duke, Student.

WALB got a hands on experience responding to a disturbance call.

"I was scared, I thought a real gun went off for a second there," said Duke.

Officers said in this day and age there is really no such thing as a routine call. They said they never know what to expect once they arrive.

"We never know what we're going into, traffic stops are some of the most dangerous things we get involved in," said Nix.

And with each different scenario that played out, students got to see just how fast things can escalate.

"We should all respect out law enforcement because they are out there everyday saving our lives from someone who would have hurt us," said Duke.

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