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Students learn social studies through popular songs

Students learned through song (Source:WALB) Students learned through song (Source:WALB)
Parents watched the performance (Source:WALB) Parents watched the performance (Source:WALB)
Zion Heard, student (Source:WALB) Zion Heard, student (Source:WALB)
Sarah Holloway, teacher (Source:WALB) Sarah Holloway, teacher (Source:WALB)

Seventh grade students at Albany Middle School are learning about the governments of some countries in Asia and Africa with a pop culture twist.

The teacher behind it all, Sarah Holloway, said the method of incorporating facts into popular songs helps kids find the significance in their lessons. 

"They are saying, 'oh that's ancient times,' but bringing these songs and comparing it to their everyday life lets them know that governments fifty years ago impact them today," Holloway said. 

Students said the innovative methods also help them when it comes to studying and taking tests.

 Often, in the face of multiple choice questions, some said they found themselves singing the songs in their heads.

"We'll know the song in two to three days," 7th grader Zion Heard said. "Next thing you know, we know full out standards, two or three of them. So, this is very different. This is something that we've all gotten used to." 

Parents were also in attendance. They watched on with smiling faces as their children answered the age old question of 'what did you learn today?' at another level.

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