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Worshipers pray for country as election nears

Worshipers joined hands (Source:WALB) Worshipers joined hands (Source:WALB)
The group met in a city park (Source:WALB) The group met in a city park (Source:WALB)
Jerry Lewis, Freedom Worship (Source:WALB) Jerry Lewis, Freedom Worship (Source:WALB)
Brad McVea, Organizer (Source:WALB) Brad McVea, Organizer (Source:WALB)

A week away from election day, South Georgians joined hands to pray for the country. 

As the divisive campaign season winds down, people gathered Tuesday in Lenox in hopes of finding unity and guidance.

"Its your choice to make," organizer Brad McVea said. "You've got to be able to look for yourself and see where the candidates line up to God's word."

To help those on that quest, churches of different denominations came together. They prayed for the success of local to federal governments asking how they should cast their ballot.

"Sometimes, we might not know who to choose," Church leader Jerry Lewis said. "So, we would pray and ask the Lord to put who he knows would do the best job in the position. " 

Lewis adds that he hopes that whoever gets those positions will help people in his community find jobs.

Others want to the government to represent their beliefs. 

"The Christians need to stand and have a voice that is heard," McVea said.

Organizers said, regardless of who is elected, they plan to hold another prayer service before Inauguration Day.  

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