Gas supplies affected by another pipeline breach

Gas supplies affected by another pipeline breach
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)
Eddi Oliver (Source: WALB)
Eddi Oliver (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One of the major pipelines that brings gasoline to our region has been shut down.

A massive pipeline explosion in Shelby county, Alabama killed one worker and injured seven Monday afternoon.

The explosion comes just as gas prices were returning to normal after a leak shut down the same pipeline in September.

Governor Nathan Deal even issued an executive order, prohibiting price gouging around the state.

Residents are concerned again about what this means for our gas prices.

People are frustrated, and officials are asking for patience as crews continue to work to contain the fire and restore the lines.

Several drivers in south Georgia stopped to fill up at the gas station Tuesday, prepping for the threat of yet another increase in gas prices.

"That's why I put extra in today, because I heard it announced this morning.  I put a little extra in today.  Just in case!" said Albany resident Eddi Oliver.

Oliver topped off after news broke of the Colonial Pipeline explosion.

The explosion came after 32 days of declining gas prices following the Colonial Pipeline leak on September 9th.  

"The fluctuation," Oliver said. "Once you get settled with the price, it goes right back up, and now this threat again of another rise.  So it's just a little frustrating in that manner to me.".

It's a frustration that's just expected to increase.

AAA spokesperson Garrett Townsend said based on the effects of the leak in September, drivers could start to see the effects of the explosion in the next several days.

"For the motorists, any time pipelines are impacted, refineries are shut down, it is going to translate to paying more money at the pump," said Townsend.

After the leak, Townsend said there was roughly a 21 cent increase in the average prices paid at the pump.

And since the Colonial Pipeline is the main line supplying fuel for much of the southeast, that gas price increase is a reality that drivers said they'll have to deal with.

"Oh it could be much higher, and a lot of service stations were out at that time too.  We just hope it won't get to that point," Oliver said.

Townsend said to prevent another round of gas shortages, folks should stick to their normal gas usage routine.

Changing your habits by filling up more often could put a strain on the supply.

Townsend said it's too early to speak on any price gouging concerns quite yet since they haven't seen a major increase at the moment.

We now know that line one, Colonial's gasoline line remains shut down. Line two, however, which transports diesel and jet fuel was restarted last evening around 11.

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