Editorial: Supporting the EDC and 'Made in Albany'

Editorial: Supporting the EDC and 'Made in Albany'

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Last week, the Dougherty Economic Development Commission launched a new initiative. They will hold all of their EDC meetings inside a local industry or business for the next year.

The goal is simple: Help make the community more aware about the booming businesses we have right here in Albany, and highlight those companies at the same time.

It's all part of its newly launched hash-tag "Made in Albany, GA" campaign.

In October, the public was able to look inside Mars Chocolate North America, and this month, Sunnyland Farms will be highlighted.

WALB supports the EDC and its new efforts to invite the public for an inside look at our local industries.

We agree that Albany is a great place to live, work and play, as all of us here at WALB call the Albany area home too.

We hope other area leaders will join in the effort to celebrate Albany's accomplished companies, and help get the word out to attract more here.

To find out more about the EDC's new efforts, click here.

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