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Wasp infestation work continues at Lee County Courthouse

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Lee County officials have brought in a huge lift and master beekeeper Dale Richter was lifted up to the dome.   He reports there are hundreds of wasp nest and thousands of wasps underneath the metal of the dome, inside the courthouse building.

He is now going up there, pulling back the metal of the dome and pulling out the wasp nests one at a time. As he goes around the dome. They hope to get the courthouse renovation going again then.

Richter hopes to get the wasp extraction done by the end of the day. Then they are going to build the scaffolding and then hopefully continue the renovation of the courthouse after they get those wasps out. Right now he says it's a slow job and it's very hot out here in that bee suit. 

Monday afternoon Richter said he has removed all the nests he can with the use of the lift, and now the scaffolding construction will continue.

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