Halloween safety tips from APD

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As kids head out the door to begin their night of trick or treating, the Albany Police Chief has a message for parents.

While officers will be patrolling the neighborhoods, Chief Michael Persley said safety begins with how you travel.

"We want to make sure that when people are out going to a fall festival or just doing traditional trick-or-treating that they go in groups," Persley said.

Persley says there should always be at least one parent accompanying groups of children to serve as a guide.

As kids wander the neighborhoods, there will still be cars on the streets. So he encourages parents add reflective materials to their children's costumes to help them be visible to drivers.

"We do know that people will be out and about and you may have an area that is dimly lit and we don't want anyone getting hit by a vehicle," Persley said.

While it's important to stay safe when you and your children are here on the streets, it's also important to check what's inside buckets or bags once your kid comes home.

"Inspect it," Persley said. "You don't know what people may try to do."

Chief Persley said if the candy looks like it's tampered with, then throw it away.

If you have suspicions about where it came from, contact your local authorities.

He says pranks go hand in hand with the holiday but he doesn't want anything to get out of hand.

"If anyone is out there doing anything criminal or mischievous in nature we want to put a stop to that because you don't want to destroy anyone's fun," Persley said.

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