Albany home surveillance system catches possible crook on camera

Albany home surveillance system catches possible crook on camera
Watch members believe this man has broken into multiple cars (Source:WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - People who live in one Northwest Albany neighborhood are taking a stand against crime.

Lake Park community members are increasingly using surveillance video cameras and social media to make their streets safer.

A car drives by every now and then, but the Albany neighborhood is noticeably quiet Friday.   
Some in the community's neighborhood watch group say that's starting to change when the sunsets. They said they've seen an uptick in car burglaries.

"Our number one source of intelligence for the police is just being nosey neighbors," watch member Roger Marietta said.

Not only has Marietta seen something odd, but members in the neighborhood watch have caught it on camera.

Home surveillance video shows a man walking close up to a family's house and tugging on a car door.

Some in the neighborhood said they believe the man pictured is responsible for a number of break ins. In fact, a previous burglary is the reason the camera that caught him in the act was installed.

Marietta said his neighbors are increasingly buying security cameras. If they catch suspects, they are putting the video on social media asking people to help identify the crook who they think is targeting their neighborhood.
"My dog barked and I went outside to see what it was and I saw some guy out in my car port," Marietta said.

He adds that, whether it's a bark or a posted sign, the idea that someone is watching is the ultimate deterrent.

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