Fewer going door-to-door trick or treating this year

We are just days away from Halloween but the festivites have already started.

Several events are being held through Halloween night.

This year, many folks say they are choosing to go to these events instead of trick-or-treating door-to-door.

According to the National retail federation just under 30 percent of families are planning to go door-to-door trick or treating this year.

Many families we talked to say the same thing.

Patrice Asberry says she's going to let her daughter pick out candy in the store.

"I'll let her run down the candy aisle and let her chose what she wants," said Asberry.

Asberry says she may go to organized events but doesn't want her child going to strangers' houses.

"She may go trick or treating at some of the bigger venues. She will probably do events like that but she won't be going door to door," said Asberry.

Trunk to trunk trick-or-treating at church events or haunted houses are becoming more popular.

"This weekend I'm going to the haunted forest with a group of friends and we are going to have a good time," said high school student Cameron Drake.

Drake thinks they are better because they attract all ages.

"It's a great adrenaline rush for me. I like when my heart gets that big boom now and then," said Drake.

Drake says he's too old for trick-or-treating.

His six-year-old brother is planning to do it the old fashioned way while staying safe.

"I just tell him be careful and if you see any clowns just run," said Drake.

The Albany police chief says officers will be patrolling the neighborhoods.

He encourages everyone to take part in the fun.

"We have some churches and some non profit organizations that are having events. Still go out and enjoy those events and don't let your fears keep you inside the house," said Chief Michael Persley.

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