Worth Co. man catches dream buck on hunting trip

Worth Co. man catches dream buck on hunting trip
Stuart Sumner (left) and Will Giddens (right) (Source: WALB)
Stuart Sumner (left) and Will Giddens (right) (Source: WALB)
The hunting trip was posted on Facebook and has gone viral (Source: WALB)
The hunting trip was posted on Facebook and has gone viral (Source: WALB)

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - Video of a monumental hunting trip is going viral on Facebook, but it's not the game that's getting all of the attention.

It's the man who shot and killed the buck who has taken the spotlight.

Some may call Stuart Sumner a celebrity in Worth County.

The 31-year-old has cerebral palsy, but he doesn't let that stop him from chasing his goals.

Earlier this week, he was able to achieve one goal he's had his sights set on for seven years, shooting and killing his first buck.

"You ain't about to have a heart attack on me, are you?" asked Will Giddens in a Facebook video of him and Sumner hunting the buck.

It was absolute pure joy, all captured on camera.

"He's right around that corner," said Giddens in the video.

From the first few seconds of the video, it seems like your everyday hunting trip.

But this one was special.

"Stu, what is that?" Giddens asked in the video. "My buck," Sumner responds.

It may have taken years of patience, but this feeling was worth the wait.

Sumner and Giddens have been best friends for years now.

Giddens and all of Worth County are familiar with Sumner's dream of bringing home his own buck, and on Sunday, it finally happened.

"Stu pulled the trigger, and immediately I could see in his face, he hit himself on the knee because he thought he had missed," explained Giddens. "And I was like, 'Stu, you hit that deer.' He just kind of looked at me and grinned. And I said, 'You got him.' I said, 'You got him.  We may have to chase him down, but you got him.'

Giddens told Sumner to stay back while Giddens went to go check on the buck, the deer was dead.

"This is seven years that this man has been wanting this moment," said Giddens. "I said, 'I missed it. It happened so fast I couldn't record it.' I really wanted to record it. So I said, 'I've got to record him walking up on this deer.'"

"That's been a long time coming, hadn't it?" asked Giddens in the video.

Giddens posted the video to Facebook, not knowing it would attract more than 15,000 likes and close to 10,000 shares.

He hopes the video will encourage others who may have disabilities or challenges, that no dream is too big.

"Now he's finally got one that he can put on his wall and he can tell everybody, 'That's my buck. That's my accomplishment,'" explained Giddens.

The video has gotten so much attention that Chasing Dreams Outdoors has invited Sumner and two other Worth County residents to come out to North Carolina for a hunting trip.

Sumner's friends have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money that will go to charities to help those with disabilities chase down their dreams.

Anyone who would like to make a donation can visit the Chasing White Tailed Dreams GoFundMe page.

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