Optometrists warn of Halloween contacts

Optometrists warn of Halloween contacts

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Everyone is excited to dress up in costumes for this Halloween weekend, but not all costumes are safe.

While many of you may want to go change the way you look, eye doctors say crazy contacts are not the answer.

Unless you are buying them from your eye doctor they are illegal, because they are not safe.

Many stores and small vendors do sell them illegally.

Eye doctors say if you use them they can have detrimental side effects. "Lenses can cause corneal ulcers or formal infections that have to be managed very quickly, some of these diseases can get away from you if not caught early," said Dr. Ellis Cosby, Optometrist.

He says most of the time people don't know that they are illegal or what kind of damage they can cause.

If you do see them being sold, you are urged to contact your local sheriff.

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