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Trump Bus makes its way through south GA

The bus stopped in Albany (source:WALB) The bus stopped in Albany (source:WALB)
Supporters took pictures with the bus (Source:WALB) Supporters took pictures with the bus (Source:WALB)
Lorrie Cawthon, Trump supporter (Source:WALB) Lorrie Cawthon, Trump supporter (Source:WALB)
Danny Hamilton, business owner (Source:WALB) Danny Hamilton, business owner (Source:WALB)
Joel Crawthon, Trump supporter (Source:WALB) Joel Crawthon, Trump supporter (Source:WALB)

Some supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are making their way across the state in a bus to energize voters.

The Trump Bus made its way from Leesburg to Tifton Thursday night, attracting big crowds all along the way. 

An occasional honk sounded as traffic made its way past a group of Donald Trump supporters outside of Merry Acres. 

The group was eagerly awaiting the arrival of a bus full of people campaigning for the GOP presidential candidate and, eventually, it pulled in.  

"Integrity, honesty, intelligence. The political system, the status quo, political incorrectness," said Trump supporter Joel Cawthon said. 

Those are the reasons Cawthon said Trump is the leader the country needs.

Despite the criticism the candidate has received related to his treatment of women, many were in the crowd, with 'Women for Trump' signs in hand.  

"I think he's made some mistakes, but overall, I think he's a great person and respectful of women and everyone," explained Trump supporter Lorrie Cawthon. 

And, the bus, which isn't part of the official Trump campaign, is captained by Danny Hamilton. 

He's a business owner who said that he thinks highly of Trump's work ethic and values.  

"Everything trump talks about, I believe in and my dad believed in. I'm just a part of my dad. That's why I'm out here on this road," said Hamilton. 

Hamilton has been driving the bus across the state since mid August and plans to do so until Election Day.

He said that his efforts are focused on Georgia, a place he feels is critical in the election.

And while Trump had his efforts focused in Ohio on Thursday, his likeness made an appearance in South Georgia to energize voters.

"Did you fly in. thank you very much for flying in Sir. We're going to make America great again," said Hamilton. 

The Trump Bus will be stopping in Valdosta Friday morning to appear on a radio show. 

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