South Ga. family outraged over health insurance premium

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia family is outraged after they said their insurance premium skyrocketed.

The Wells family received a letter with an $1,800 insurance premium.

They took their frustration to facebook, and it has since gone viral.

They have even made appearances on national media networks.

"I didn't know what to think, it was certainly not expected," said Jay Wells.

Wells owns a small business in South Georgia and has had Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance for as long as he can remember.

"I picked the letter up and opened it, and I nearly dropped it, when I saw the amount of money that blue cross was calling for in this premium," said Wells.

According to this letter it will cost the Wells family $1,800 to keep their current insurance plans, last year their rate was only $700.00

"We could live with this, we can't live with $1,800 a month," said Wells.

So Jay posted the letter on facebook, hoping to gain some attention from his close friends and family, Little did he know a few days later his post would be shared by 13,000 people.

"After it was posted and went viral and the thousands and thousands of people who have responded, we see unfortunately that it is more common," said Wells.

With this new premium the Wells family would be paying $22,000 a year, with a 5 thousand dollar deductible. They said that just won't work.

"Well it's 1872.17 its almost $1,900, its obviously not do-able for us, we will have to come up with another alternative," said Wells.

A problem that has now given this family a huge headache, and is why they now said they believe it's the most pressing issue in the upcoming November election.

"It has always been an important issue, but it's certainly, now a big component of our budget," said Wells.

The Wells family said they are now having to look into subsidized plans, or medi-share plans, through Christian organizations.

Just earlier this week, a government report stated that health care premiums under the affordable care act will jump an average of 22%  next year.

However, many consumers may not notice the hike because nearly 85% of them receive federal subsidies.

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