Special Report: Zika invasion

Special Report: Zika invasion

ATLANTA, GA (WALB) - Cooler temperatures are a signal that mosquito populations will soon drop, but Zika virus researchers say it's not yet time to relax.

As of October 19th:

  • 4,016 cases of Zika reported in the US.
  • 90 cases of the Zika virus in Georgia (travel-related)
  • 137 cases were from mosquito bites in Florida

What now?

Thursday at 6 p.m., Emileigh Forrester gets answers from the CDC on where the virus is expected to travel next.

Experts remind everyone that while the landscape for the Zika virus is changing, it's not going away soon.

Follow along with WALB News 10 as the next chapter of the Zika virus unfolds.

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