ASU starts off homecoming with convocation, gets amped up with block party

ASU starts off homecoming with convocation, gets amped up with block party
ASU block party (Source: WALB)
ASU block party (Source: WALB)
ASU block party (Source: WALB)
ASU block party (Source: WALB)
Lashonda Parker (Source: WALB)
Lashonda Parker (Source: WALB)
Keziah Wright (Source: WALB)
Keziah Wright (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Students were already celebrating for Albany State University's homecoming weekend. There were a ton of local vendors selling clothes, art work, and gear for Greeks at the pedestrian mall at ASU's campus.

Friday morning, they kicked off their convocation.

The convocation is an opening ceremony for the events to come during homecoming.

The guest speaker for the day was Monroe High School Principal Vincent Davis.

One alumnus was excited to share the HBCU pride with other classmates.

"We're excited to see my sorors who we are going to be meeting up with later. And just fellowshipping because it's been quite awhile. And glad to see our campus, our beautiful campus here," said Debra Adams, ASU Class of 1983 alumnus.

The most highly anticipated events are on Saturday, starting with the homecoming parade at 9 a.m.

The parade will be followed by the main event, the homecoming game, when the Rams play against Clark Atlanta University at 2 p.m.

ASU is expected to have more than 25,000 people visit the campus.

Dozens of students and alumni flooded Albany State University later on Friday night.

ASU held it's annual block party to celebrate its homecoming weekend.

The music was loud, there was plenty of food, and a sea of people sporting blue and gold -- all things expected during a homecoming weekend.

As the DJ hyped the crowd up, local vendors set up their stands to sell college merchandise and serve southern plates at the block party on the south end of campus.

Albany State University alumni and students came out in style with their blue and yellow colors, fitting for their homecoming weekend.

Class of 2009 alumnus Lashonda Parker says work and graduate school has kept her from attending homecoming, but not this year.

"I'm excited to be here celebrating 20 year anniversary class reunion so I'm just excited this whole weekend," said Parker.

For Parker, it was a joy to see the city painted blue and gold.

"I'm glad that Albany, Georgia is supporting Albany State University. I mean I see the love, I see the support here and I'm just excited to be here tonight, said Parker.

Stepping foot on campus brought back memories during her time as a criminal justice major.

"I drew a ram head in some type of drawing contest or something and criminal justice actually came in third place," said Parker.

Fellowshipping with friends, dancing to music, and also trying the tasty foods from local vendors makes the events all worthwhile.

This was the first ASU block party for 'A Little Taste of Philly' food truck.

"They're showing us a lot of love, said Keziah Wright, A Little Taste of Philly owner. "I love it, I love the camaraderie, I love how everybody is coming together. It's a great thing."

The real secret Friday night was celebrating the history at ASU.

"You would want to come out and support everything Albany State," said Wright.

The block party was scheduled to go on until midnight.

ASU's homecoming will have a $4,000,000 impact on the city.

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