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Worth County candidates meet with voters

Candidates from a number of races showed up (Source:WALB) Candidates from a number of races showed up (Source:WALB)
Becky Geer, organizer (Source:WALB) Becky Geer, organizer (Source:WALB)
Tracy Jones, Sheriff Candidate (Source:WALB) Tracy Jones, Sheriff Candidate (Source:WALB)
Jeff Hobby, Sheriff Candidate (I) (Source:WALB) Jeff Hobby, Sheriff Candidate (I) (Source:WALB)
Johnnie Hinton, voter (Source:WALB) Johnnie Hinton, voter (Source:WALB)

Voters got up close and personal with candidates seeking their votes Tuesday in Worth County. 

The event's meet and greet format allowed people to pick the brains of candidates one-on-one. 

Chamber of Commerce organizer Becky Geer said going into the voting booth uninformed can leave you feeling uneasy. 

"You're in a quandary," Geer said. "Do I just pick a name? Do I just pass it over? What do I do?" 

To fix that problem, candidates laid out their platforms at the public event. 

Incumbent Republican Jeff Hobby and democratic challenger Tracy Jones each tried to convince voters he is the best choice for sheriff. 

Sylvester police veteran Jones said the city and county departments need to work together better.

"I don't think there will be any extra challenges with it," Jones said. "It's actually beneficial with me having worked with both departments. I'll be able to bridge that gap."

Jones also criticized Hobby for high turnover at the Sheriff's Office.  

 "Taxpayers of this county pay for somebody to work 12 hours a day," Hobby said. "The ones I've got now. They will do that. They will work like they're supposed to. They are willing to accept the changes going on in the sheriff's office. " 

This election season, the chamber decided to make learning about the election personal. A meet and greet portion allowed voters to chat with candidates after they talked about their positions. 

 "I love it," Worth County resident Johnnie Hinton said." You get out to meet the people, see what they bring to us. I'm a person that believes in right from wrong. That's how I was raised. I like to hear their sides. I like to meet that person first." 

People could also learn about ballot amendments at the event. 

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