Run for survival: Zombies unleashed in Perry

Run for survival: Zombies unleashed in Perry

PERRY, GA (WALB) - The infection has begun.

Zombies are gathering in Perry, looking for a fresh meal as runners head to the disaster area to survive the deadliest 5k race in Georgia.

Running for your life

The Zombie Run is a race for survival.

Participants don't race the clock, but instead, try to outrun the flesh hungry dead that are trying to eat their brains.

The event is hosted at the Guardian Centers on Perry Parkway, which is a disaster training facility.

With a realistic cityscape built to look like the aftermath of the apocalypse, it provides a truly hair raising experience for participants.

How it works

Each participant receives a flag belt.

The flags represent your health.

If zombies manage to capture all of your flags, you receive the 'Infected' medal at the end of the race.

If you still have at least one flag when you cross the finish line, you walk away with the 'Survivor' medal.

There's extra incentive to invite friends and run in a team, because as long as a single team member finishes the race with a flag, the entire team gets a 'Survivor' medal.

And your 5k could become a 10k since there may be several different routes to take.

Facing the enemy

As you make your way to the finish line, flesh hungry zombies are released, and their goal is to get your flags, and probably your guts too.

They may seem slow, but they will chase any living human that could sate their appetite.

To keep your brains, flesh and flags intact, you'll have to outrun and outwit the blood thirsty walkers as you try to navigate the post-apocalyptic course.

Enjoying the experience

The course offers a completely interactive experience for all those who dare to participate in the death-defying race.

But you risk falling victim to the infected flesh eaters.

However, you could earn the glory and bragging rights of surviving the epic 5k race.

What you get

  • A racing bib with number
  • A medal that signifies whether you survived or fell victim to the zombie infection
  • There will also be a festival area with music, vendors and the Kids Zombie Zone (because there is nothing more terrifying than small humans trying to eat you) complete with foam machines and bubble soccer.
  • Those who register within an hour of the race will get a link to download the Zombies, Run! app for their phone.
  • Anyone who registered before the cut-off date on September 15 is guaranteed an event tee

So get your gear and get prepared because the zombies will be unleashed on October 29.

Registration closes at the end of the day on October 26 and is $75, and walk-up registration on the day of the event is $100 in cash, if available.

Anyone who is interested in registering can visit the official Zombie Run website.

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