Editorial: SWGA answered the call to help evacuees

Editorial: SWGA answered the call to help evacuees

When evacuees seeking refuge from hurricane Matthew came to Southwest Georgia, the businesses and community members stepped up with good old fashioned southern hospitality.

The Marine Corp Logistics Base brought in 6,000 recruits from Parris Island, South Carolina so they could continue their training.

They went back well-fed, properly trained, and ready to help their community in the recovery effort.

The First Baptist Church of Tifton was one of the shelters providing a place for people to stay.

Community members from across Tift County teamed up to pick up dinner for the whole shelter and dropped off supplies.

Three Tifton Police officers spent over $300 of their own money to buy water, blankets and supplies for those displaced.

Evacuees who came to Albany hotels were grateful to community members for making them feel welcome and taking their minds off what may be happening back home.

In turn, the city of Albany benefited by seeing a $4 million boost to its economy from all those folks eating at Albany restaurants, shopping and visiting local attractions.

Albany, Tifton, and other communities who stepped up created lasting memories for those who sought refuge from the hurricane.

Many said because of the wonderful hospitality they received, they would gladly come back and visit again.

We hope they do.

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