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Copy-Gary Johnson bikes 70 miles to prove fitness for presidency

SANTA FE, NM (KRQE/CNN) Libertarian Gary Johnson set out to show he’s the “fittest” candidate for president by biking more than 70 miles to his political rally.

Campaigning in his home state of New Mexico, Johnson and his fiancé traveled to the rally via a six hour bike ride Saturday.

“We rode it all together,” Johnson said. “I know there hasn't been a president and first lady in the history of the United States that could have done that ride today in six hours."

The more than 70 mile bike ride was part of an effort to prove that Johnson is the “fittest” candidate to be president of the United States.

He says it’s important for voters to have an alternative to the two front runners.

"I hope to ruin the party for both of them. This is a two-party system that needs crashing,” Johnson said.

However, the bike ride wasn’t merely a campaign tactic. Johnson says the ride was a salute to his home state and a way to show his athletic prowess.

"Life is about health and wellness, and it's really important,” he said.

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