Volunteers gather to keep Georgia's rivers alive

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dozens of volunteers helped clean up trash from the Flint River Saturday morning.

It was for the 14th Annual Rivers Alive event, a state initiative that encourages people to clean more than 70,000 miles of Georgia's rivers, lakes, and streams.

Hundreds of volunteers of all ages, both on land and boat, cleaned up litter around the river banks and in the water.

Organizers hope the event raises awareness and encourages other people to throw their trash in the garbage rather than on the ground.

"Well I don't think we can get out young people involved too early. We have to teach them to give back to the community," said Executive Director Judy Bowles.

Kayakers also removed tires and trash from the river.

Over 40 bags of trash were picked up.

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