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Municipal Auditorium marks a century

Albany's Municipal Auditorium (Source: WALB) Albany's Municipal Auditorium (Source: WALB)
An original Freedom Singer, Ruth Harris (Source:  WALB) An original Freedom Singer, Ruth Harris (Source: WALB)
Claire Fox Hilliard (Source: WALB) Claire Fox Hilliard (Source: WALB)
The ASO (Source: WALB) The ASO (Source: WALB)

The stage is set, as performers prepare for the Municipal Auditorium's Centennial celebration. The 100th anniversary event is scheduled for Saturday night.

For 100 years, the Municipal Auditorium has been a staple in the Albany community. Tomorrow night, they're celebrating its restoration after being closed for nearly 20 years.

Performers say they are blessed and truly honored to be a part of this celebration, which is all about art, culture, and history, bringing together groups in our region to show off their talents at the same venue.

It's a first for the Albany Civil Rights Freedom Singers founder Rutha Harris.  She says she doesn't know what to expect, but she's excited.  "I hope they walk away with, that Albany is trying to do something positive and incorporating different groups into the centennial celebration."

The Freedom singers are scheduled to perform a song that everyone can enjoy: Georgia. "I hope that we will have the older audience that remembers the auditorium," said Claire Fox Hilliard, A.S.O. Music Director "I hope they see the revitalization, and the beginning of the revitalization of downtown. The newer audience, I hope that they realize that we have this gem in the center of our city."

"I think it's a gathering place for the whole community.  I think this performance on Saturday evening is going to be evidence of that. Different types of performances that you might not ordinarily think of hearing from a symphony, but everyone collaborating and coming together in the same central part of downtown," Hilliard said.

Along with the Freedom singers, there will be plenty of other performers including Ballet Theater South, Georgia Mass Choir, Theater Albany, and our very own Karla Heath Sands.

Most performances will revolve around the talented Albany Symphony. 

The show begins at 7:00 Saturday night. Tickets are $10 at the door.

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