Dawson mayor removed from office by order from governor

Dawson mayor removed from office by order from governor
Mayor Christopher Wright (WALB image)
Tommy Coleman, City Attorney (Source:WALB)
Tommy Coleman, City Attorney (Source:WALB)

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Dawson's mayor has been removed from office effective immediately on an executive order directly from the governor.

Wright was also cited for impersonating an officer in August.

After calls for Wright's removal, Governor Nathan Deal sent down an order demanding Wright be removed from office immediately until the end of his term on December 31st.

Wright is running for re-election, however, and if he is voted back into office in November, he will be able to take office January 1st.

Though he never announced it, Governor Nathan Deal appointed a 3-person ethics panel to review Christopher Wright's indictment on child sex charges.

Officials said they were surprised when they got that call this afternoon.

Wright no longer has authority in the municipal government, but the executive order does not affect him as a candidate in next month's election.

"He's a candidate and it has no effect on whether he gets elected or not," Tommy Coleman, Dawson City Attorney, said. "If he were to win on November 8th, he would take office on January 1st, as if nothing happened."

The trial for the sex charges is expected to begin in March of 2017.

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