Neighbors concerned of violence in East Albany after early morning shooting

Neighbors concerned of violence in East Albany after early morning shooting
Car with window shot out (Source: WALB)
Car with window shot out (Source: WALB)
East Road shooting scene (Source: WALB)
East Road shooting scene (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A shooting on an East Albany street left one man dead and another wounded about 1:30 Thursday morning,

Police were called to the 200 block of East Road, near Clark Avenue, where officers found two men suffering from gunshot wounds.

Dexter Cartez Covin,43, was taken to the hospital, where he later died.

L. C. Tumblin, Jr., 47, who was also shot, was taken to the hospital for treatment, and remains there.

While officers were on scene, a woman arrived in the car, saying that her back window had been shot out, but it's not clear if it's related to the shooting.

Authorities said they have a person of interest, and a manhunt for that person is underway.

Neighbors said a silver car drove away after the shooting.

"The general information or allegations are that it may have been some sort of illegal drug transaction. And that's the general allegation at this point," said Dougherty County DA, Greg Edwards.

Neighbors on the street said they are afraid of the violence and plan on moving.

Troy Toomer was friends with 43 year old Dexter Covin, who was killed in this morning's shooting.

"But that was my partner man. I just hate that it happened," said Toomer.

Hubbard Canidate lives just up the street and said he knew Covin since childhood.

"I heard the barrage of gunfire. And I ran down here where I saw a silver looking vehicle pulling out from behind the house after they had shot," said Canidate.

Canidate, like every neighbor we talked to Thursday morning, said violence is a real concern on East Road.

"You might get shootings at night. Or you might get someone stabbing somebody tomorrow night.  You just never know what's going to happen in this area," said Canidate.

Faye Lee lives around the corner and came to see the house after hearing about the fatal shooting.

"It's really scary around here. Because a lot of stuff going on. A lot of fussing, fighting, carrying on.  Lot of drugs," said Lee.

"It spooked me, man. Really did.  But they said this environment around is wicked anyway. This pace around here, we trying to get out of here anyway," said Toomer.

"Actually I'm going to move. I'm moving out of the area. I certainly am.  And my stepdaughter says she is going to get out of here, too.  It's a little too rough," said Canidate.

This is the 9th homicide this year in the city of Albany, just one short of the ten murders total all last year in the city.

APD said the case is still under investigation. If you have any information, call APD at 430-2100 or Crimestoppers at 436-TIPS.

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