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Parents dine in during School Lunch Week

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Child Nutrition Manager Janet Lewis (source: WALB) Child Nutrition Manager Janet Lewis (source: WALB)
Ramiro Alvarez (Source: WALB) Ramiro Alvarez (Source: WALB)
Sheldon Kelly, school nutrition district manager (Source: WALB) Sheldon Kelly, school nutrition district manager (Source: WALB)

Eating healthy is important and it's a habit that can start at school. To celebrate National School Lunch Week, Alice Coachman Elementary School invited parents to eat lunch with their kids. 

Many students are eating both breakfast and lunch at school, and for many of them, those are their most nutritious meals of the day.

From meatloaf to pasta , kids at Alice Coachman Elementary School are filling their stomachs with all sorts of foods. "I love the food here," said Vakyra Kegler.

The school's Child Nutrition Manager, Janet Lewis, says all her students are eating healthy. "We offer salads, we offer peanut butter and jelly, we offer whole grains, meats, we offer one percent milk, we are doing it all."

School lunch is free for students in the Dougherty County school system, and 90 percent of students take advantage of that.

This week parents had the chance to see for themselves what their kids are eating. "It's very important for them to have a good breakfast and lunch at school because as you know for some kids that is the only thing they feed off of," said a dad, Ramiro Alvarez.  

Today, students could pick a side of green beans and for dessert, some fruit. "They really do like fruits and vegetables. A lot of our kids actually prefer the vegetables really," said Lewis. 

Ramiro Alvarez and his wife ate with their daughter today. He says he encourages his daughter to eat healthy, but not all students have the same support. "We want to balance out the fruits and the cookies and not all the time cookies as dessert, maybe an apple of pear."

Nutrition managers say it is important to promote events like these because a healthy lunch for kids at school can go a long way. 

"Some of our parents don't eat vegetables themselves so they don't get a chance to see certain vegetables until they come to school. So if they try it at school and they like it that transcends to healthy eating at home," said Sheldon Kelly, school nutrition district manager.  

Parents at Alice Coachman were invited in for lunch all week, but that's just one of the schools taking part in National School Lunch week.

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