U.S. Congressional hopeful Duke courts farm families

U.S. Congressional hopeful Duke courts farm families
Greg Duke, candidate (Source:WALB)
The group met in Terrell County (Source:WALB)
The group met in Terrell County (Source:WALB)
Ashley Brim, organizer (Source:WALB)
Ashley Brim, organizer (Source:WALB)

TERRELL CO., GA (WALB) - Lee County optician Greg Duke has an uphill battle to unseat longtime 2nd District Congressman Sanford Bishop.

The two faced off two years ago with Bishop winning 59 percent of the vote.  Duke is hoping to close that gap with the help of farmers.

He courted rural voters at a meet and greet in Terrell County Tuesday.

"It's part of the job description, if you want to be a representative," Duke said. "You have to meet with the people and you're there to address their concerns in Washington. That was the nature of our constitutional government to have representatives, not politicians."

A small group of farm families showed up helping themselves to some food and talking about the issues they find most important.

"My husband's a farmer and there are a lot of changes going around in agriculture," voter Ashley Brim said. "We just wanted to give him a chance to share his views."

Duke said the issue people tell him is most important in the Second Congressional District is jobs. He says he wants to protect farm jobs and rebuild manufacturing.

Ashley Brim said other topics are also on her mind.

"I'm in education," Brim said. "So, he's going to be talking to us about his views on education and what he thinks are important values for education now."

Duke adds that protecting and increasing the military's presence in the district is also a focus of his.

As the presidential campaign heats up, Duke said he is 'absolutely' behind Donald Trump.

"My presidential selection is going to be someone who will stand behind the constitution and our Bill of Rights," Duke said. "Trump will do that at a much better level than Hillary."

Duke plans to hold several more events throughout the district before the November 8th elections.

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