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Car show brings appreciation to law enforcement officers

Police cruisers and antique cars were featured in the show (Source: WALB) Police cruisers and antique cars were featured in the show (Source: WALB)
Tribute car (Source: WALB) Tribute car (Source: WALB)
David Dougherty (Source: WALB) David Dougherty (Source: WALB)
Kayla Luckie, APD (Source: WALB) Kayla Luckie, APD (Source: WALB)
Mike Fuches (Source: WALB) Mike Fuches (Source: WALB)

Engines revving weren't the only sounds heard at an Albany car show on Saturday.

After 43 years, a car show welcomed some new visitors.

The difference between this year and years past - law enforcement officers were out in full force for one cause, and that was having fun.

The Artesian City Car Club of Albany hosted its 43rd annual car show.

People travel from all over to see the antique cars and souped up hot rods.

"Many of the cars here date back to the 30's and 40's and its important for our younger generation to realize that there were vehicles that transition america into the current age," said David Dougherty, Artesian City Car Club President.

The main attraction this year was the police cars. One of the most visited cars was the drag race police cruiser.

"Of course on the inside here, there is many unusual items for a police car," said Mike Fuches.

The racing car has been owned by Fuches for over 10 years. It was brought to the car show to show how the community supports law enforcement and are backing the blue.

"All law enforcement, the city, the community, no matter what, we are one," said Nakia Ellis, of the Albany Police Dept. "With what's going on in our communities now and what's going on in the united states, we've got to start appreciating our law enforcement officers. 

The Albany Police Department and Dougherty County Sheriff's Office brought squad cars, and allowed people to climb in and turn on the lights and sirens.

"It's just bringing the joy to the kid's faces, the smiles. Just showing that they shouldn't be afraid to  make contact with us," said Ellis.

For Fuches and his special vehicle, it was an easy way to give back to members of law enforcement and allow the younger generations to see how meaningful they are to the community.

"It's kind of my way and my opportunity to say thank you and it's really paid off," said Fuches.

Over 150 best in show trophies were handed out.

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