Safe refuge in Tifton

Safe refuge in Tifton
ABAC opens shelter (Source: WALB)
ABAC opens shelter (Source: WALB)
Brenda Cross (Source: WALB)
Brenda Cross (Source: WALB)
Angel Causey (Source: WALB)
Angel Causey (Source: WALB)

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - A large Red Cross shelter is also open on the ABAC campus in Tifton.

More than 225 evacuees are expected to check in at the shelter by tonight.

The focus is keeping them safe and to keep them from worrying about what could be going on back at home.

Brenda Cross evacuated from Brunswick, her first thought when leaving...what exactly she would return home to.

"I'm worried about what I'm going to see when I get home," said Cross.

Angel Causey also left Brunswick was seeking shelter.

Most hotels were completely booked starting Wednesday morning.

Another thing to worry about for both ladies, their furry companions.

Pet friendly hotels and shelters are almost impossible to find.

"I wasn't concerned about me...I was more concerned about my dog," said Cross.

Angel's cat made the trip with her.

Volunteers paid a visit to the shelter last night and this morning to offer help the best way they knew how.

"There was a volunteer that said hey, I'll take your pets so that you can stay here," said Causey.

Nature Malone, disaster director for the Red Cross says this was just a small thing they could line up to help evacuees.

"They left their homes, They're very worried right now, so we're just trying to make this place as welcoming as we can for them," said Malone.

They are also providing food, water, blankets, beds, toys and books.

Although the reason for leaving home is not ideal, both Brenda and Angel are thankful for people welcoming them with open arms.

"I am so glad I showed up here. They have been so welcoming," said Causey.

Returning to a safe home is a hope for all evacuees but for Brenda, her main wish she shared with me was much simpler.

"It's real nice to see all these people who will come and be with you and maybe when I get back to Brunswick, they'll still be my friends," said Cross.

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