Editorial: D.A. goes after car crooks

Editorial: D.A. goes after car crooks

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There are some criminals operating in South Georgia, and they are hurting people in multiple ways. These crooks are masquerading as used car dealers, but they don't really own the cars they are selling.

They took them from auctions without paying for them, and that's theft.

An unsuspecting buyer pays for the car, and the substantial Georgia title fee, but they never get the title, because the so-called dealer can't get the title, because he stole the car in the first place.

So, the buyer gets a hassle when he is stopped by the police because he can't get a tag, AND he's driving a stolen car that HE paid for, but doesn't own.

District Attorney Greg Edwards says close to 100 victims have been scammed in this fraud scheme. "When we have this type of predator, financial predator, we're going to vigorously prosecute," said Edwards. "We just can't tolerate that, because there are too many victims in this particular circumstance. Too much damage is done."

The D.A. is seeking the maximum jail time for these crooks, and we applaud him.

Hard working people shouldn't get ripped off multiple times by criminals who knowingly prey on the public.

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