COMING SOON: A game for people 'Pretending to Grownup'

COMING SOON: A game for people 'Pretending to Grownup'

(WALB) - How often does being an adult feel like an impossible task? Or how many times do you tell yourself, 'I don't want to adult today'?

Soon, there could be a game just for you.

A man by the name of Jason Anarchy started a Kickstarter to help launch his new game called 'Pretending to Grownup.'

In it, you collect cards that have adult responsibilities, and the goal is to be more adult than your opponents.

You even get to challenge other players at being an adult.

The entire game is based on a point system and the first to 12 wins.

The monetary goal to launch the new game was only $4,555, but they already have more than $36,000 pledged.

The page even claims to have 500 percent of the goal pledged on the first day.

So clearly, there are plenty of adults who need to get in some practice before tackling the real world.

And with cards like 'Binge Watch', 'Do Your Own Taxes' and 'Feel Jealous of Others Success', you'll be ready to pretend to be a grownup in no time.

So, if actually being an adult is too much to handle, feel free to pretend to be one until you think you really got the hang of it with 'Pretending to Grownup.'

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