Albany residents react to KKK fliers

Albany residents react to KKK fliers
Porterfield Reverend William Collins (Source: WALB)
Porterfield Reverend William Collins (Source: WALB)
APD Lieutenant Antonio Fletcher (Source: WALB)
APD Lieutenant Antonio Fletcher (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Folks react with shock and dismay to a KKK recruiting effort in Albany.

KKK fliers are being left in yards around the city.

On Monday morning, a resident collected a grocery bag filled with Ku Klux Klan bags that contained a flyer, white rice and contact information.

The fliers were found in the Forrest Glen, Valley, Hilltop, Lullwater, Robinwood and Lake Park neighborhoods.

The fliers read "help us fight the spread of Islam in our country."

The resident delivered them to Albany police.

Porterfield United Methodist Church is part of the Lake Park community.

One of the church's ministers said the KKK message goes against everything the church stands for.

"That's just the opposite of what we say at Porterfield as our mission statement which is welcome all worship God and witness to the world And I hope and pray that this is just a one time event, and it never happens again," said Porterfield Reverend William Collins.

"We are grateful to the citizens that are reporting these incidents for whatever reason and clearly we can understand but it's making people uneasy in their neighborhood," said APD Lieutenant Antonio Fletcher.

Albany Police said they are looking into the KKK recruitment effort.

They don't believe any law has been broken.

But they encourage residents to report the fliers to police.

They don't want anyone to lash out if they see anyone passing out the information.

Reverend Collins believes these KKK recruiting bags will only divide the community and stem from a lack of understanding other cultures.

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