Suspected pot dealer, on murder bond, hid weed in his shorts

Suspected pot dealer, on murder bond, hid weed in his shorts
Ezekiel Hodge (Source: Bainbridge Public Safety)
Ezekiel Hodge (Source: Bainbridge Public Safety)

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Two men are in jail in Bainbridge on multiple drug-related charges, after a traffic stop last Friday. One of them was out on bond for a 2015 murder. 

Bainbridge Public Safety investigators say Caliah Burns shot 27-year-old Ricardo James in May of 2015, at the victim's home on Water Street.  Police say several people were inside the home when Burns shot James in the chest, killing him.

A Bainbridge Public Safety officer noticed windows so dark that he couldn't see the occupants of a Honda on East Water Street.

He pulled the car over, and the driver turned out to be Caliah Burns, was driving on a suspended license.

The officer noticed a strong smell like marijuana, and asked to search the car, which was also occupied by Ezekiel Hodge, who was the passenger.

More officers arrived, and found bags of suspected marijuana ready for sale, on Hodge, but Burns said he didn't have any,

Both men were strip searched at headquarters, and Burns would not remove his underwear, and tried to turn away from the officer. They found marijuana inside a pocket in his shorts. All totaled, the packages of marijuana came to a couple of ounces,

Both Burns and Hodge face numerous charges, including felony possess marijuana with intent to sell, felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of park or housing project, crossing guard lines with weapons, intoxicants, or drugs, driving without a valid license, and a tinted window violation.

District Attorney Joe Mulholland said that the murder trial has been postponed twice, once because Burns hired a new lawyer, and that set the case back. It is schedule to go the trial on November 14.

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