Golden Rams frustrated with sudden game change

Golden Rams frustrated with sudden game change

Most Monday afternoons, the Albany State practice field is empty. Players have the day off.

Not this Monday though.

On Monday morning, the Golden Rams learned their game against Charleston Southern scheduled for Saturday afternoon has been moved up to Thursday night.

"We're trying to five days of work into two days, which is almost impossible," says head coach Dan Land.

Albany State athletic director Sherie Gordon says Charleston Southern reached out to her on Sunday about moving the game due to heavy rains forecasted this weekend from Hurricane Matthew.

Land isn't buying that reason completely.

"I think they wanted this for TV. They wanted that from the beginning when we signed the contract," he says. "I guess we'll see when we get there if it's for TV or the weather."

Gordon tells WALB she isn't sure if the game will be televised. She says CSU will be livestreaming the game on their athletics website.

As one can imagine, Monday has been a chaotic day for the Rams.

"We were all over the place. Half of my coaches are doing game plans. Some of them are doing travel stuff, and others are trying to get the day to day operations going"

"We were looking at the film, and that's when we got the confirmation," says senior QB Caleb Edmonds. "Since then, everything just sped up."

Land says ASU will practice Monday and Tuesday in Albany before leaving for Charleston Wednesday morning. The Rams will then have a walkthrough later that evening. He says his coaches and staff are pulling together to get the team prepared.

"We have to cram three days of practice into one, but in the same hour and forty five minutes," Land says. "We're going to find a way to get it done. it's just part of it. it's frustrating because I don't like to put my guys in a situation like this, but it's part of the game."

Land feels CSU is willing to move the game up because their staff has more people, and is more capable of rolling with this sudden change.

"They have people to go break down their film, do all their scouting, and all that stuff. We don't. My coaches and I have to do it ourselves. They're a ten-man shop. We're a one-man shop," Land says. "They'll be prepared for a game three or four weeks ahead of time. We're more of a day-to-day operation."

But Land doesn't want anyone to think he's using it as an excuse.

"When it all comes said and done, we'll be prepared just as well as they've been prepared," he says.

Whether the game is played on Saturday or Thursday, the Golden Rams would be major underdogs. CSU is one of the best FCS teams in the country, currently ranked 8th in the nation.

Albany State is taking the game change as a challenge from the bigger Buccaneers.

"It resonated with a lot of us, and now it just has us fired up," admits Edmonds.

"They wanted a game. They're going to get a game," Land says. "I just don't like the way they did it. They could have done it a little more professionally than the way they did it."

Thursday's game will now kick off at 7:00 p.m. in Charleston.

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