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Travel back in time in Andersonville

Mock battle (Source: WALB) Mock battle (Source: WALB)
Andersonville Historic Fair (Source: WALB) Andersonville Historic Fair (Source: WALB)
Mock battle (Source: WALB) Mock battle (Source: WALB)
Cynthia StormCaller (Source: WALB) Cynthia StormCaller (Source: WALB)

Andersonville celebrated its 40th annual historic fair.

The weekend was all about celebrating America's history.

The director of the fair said she wants visitors to feel like they are transported to a different era.

The museum has preserved its collection of civil war treasures.

Every ticket sold is money donated to growing the memorabilia and making sure it last for years to come. 

"This festival was put together to raise funds for the historic preservation in the town of Andersonville," said StormCaller.

A mock battle was fought between the North and the South.

The battle was to show visitors how America was shaped. Guns, cannons and uniforms just like in the 1800's. 

"This is American history. This is about us. This is about our stories, our families stories," said StormCaller. 

Unique items in the museum draw even the smallest of fans. The bonnet worn by Mary Surratt, a conspirator in the assassination of President Lincoln, is one thing the museum is proud to be the owner of. 

The small town and the pioneer farm sees over 18,000 visitors every year.

The number is constantly growing and StormCaller hopes the funds raised from ticket sales will help make it even bigger. 

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