Editorial: Conservative spending leads to high budget reserve

Editorial: Conservative spending leads to high budget reserve

A recent headline in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution read, Georgia's budget reserves swell to record $2.05 billion.

The fiscal 2016 end of the year report shows the state of Georgia's reserves up 43% from the end of 2015.

What is the cause of that rather impressive amount of reserves? There is no silver bullet. It is a combination of several things.

The tie that binds is conservative spending. Something that we should all take pride in, compared to our neighboring states.

Where Georgia gets it right is that we understand that you can only be conservative with your money if you have it.

Georgia understands that there has to be revenue to run the government.

It is the state government's job to be conservative with that money.

So yes the Georgia Lottery adds revenue, but so does a property tax level that is low.

Today Georgia's Medicaid is funded, their court systems run on time, the prison system is not over capacity and state law enforcement officers are getting a 20% pay raise.

All that said and we will still have over $2 billion in the bank.

It should not be a surprise Georgia was rated as the #1 state to do business, and will continue to grow because of these smart choice.

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