Editorial: STEM program important for future generations

Editorial: STEM program important for future generations

You've no doubt heard about 'STEM' education, and the need for more bright students to go down this path.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

STEM-related careers are a good way for young people to be sure they have a skill that they can get paid for.

People who can do technical things will always be in demand.

We encourage the students in our area who are pursuing STEM training, like Davia Allen, of Early County.

She entered the Broadcom MASTERS competition, a premier science and engineering competition for middle school students across the country, and is now in the running for the finals.

One hundred Valdosta Middle School STEM students got to see what will be the new Valdosta High School last week.

Hands-on experience showed students that what they are learning in the classroom is important for the future.

America has long been the world's leader in innovation, and we need to encourage students to learn skills like these, so they can be lead us into the future.

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