Sylvester Walmart plagued by thieves

Sylvester Walmart plagued by thieves

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - The Sylvester Police Department is asking the public's for help identifying two men who scammed the Sylvester Walmart when they got merchandise.

Detectives say these men were able to obtain merchandise without paying the correct retail price.

They count out the cash money for an expensive item, in this case an $800 iPad, then the accomplice creates a big disturbance in the check-out line, and the crook snatches back much of the money while the clerk is distracted. One incident happened in July, and another on September 14.

SPD says the exact same thing happened the same day at the Adel Walmart, and the man was wearing the same clothing at both stores.

These men will be charged with theft of money and merchandise by distraction, deception, and sleight of hand.

If you have any information  that may identify these men, or knowledge of the crimes they have committed, please contact the Sylvester Police Department by calling Worth County's non emergency dispatch line at (229) 776-8243.

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