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Independent film used for a political message

#ISwearIPromise (Source: WALB) #ISwearIPromise (Source: WALB)
"Everybody is subject to change." (Source: WALB) "Everybody is subject to change." (Source: WALB)
Independent film in Tifton (Source: WALB) Independent film in Tifton (Source: WALB)
#ISwearIPromise (Source: WALB) #ISwearIPromise (Source: WALB)

One creative mind in Tifton wrote, filmed and edited a full length movie by himself. 

A room in a house, converted into a studio, is where the magic happened in creating an independent film.

With one camera and the support of his hometown, he is using this movie as a platform for a political message.

Christopher Fowler is making a difference in his community by making an independent film.

Through the help and support of family and friends, he raised enough money to buy a camera, pay for travel expenses and equipment.  

He began writing. He held a casting call for actors and also cast friends in roles.

Fowler's movie is based on true events. 

Some of his scenes are based on the recent police shootings and protests.

Fowler says we need to come together as a country.

He hopes his movie will promote that. 

"You have to be taught that stuff. You need to kill the racism. Kill it. Because all lives matter," said Fowler.

After 3 years of hard work... the premiere of I swear I promise was welcomed with a viewing party in Tifton.

Fowler plans to continue working on the film and eventually show it to a larger audience. 

Fowler says that it is a reward to see his project finally finished. He says the message of the movie is simple.

"You know, everybody can change and become a better person. And become a pillar in their community," said Fowler. 

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