D.A. will send APD shooting to grand jury

D.A. will send APD shooting to grand jury
Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards issued a statement on Monday that he will send the case of the shooting of Robert Lee Brown by an APD officer three weeks ago on South Madison Street, to a grand jury.

The case could be brought before the Grand Jury as early as November.

"My duty is to present the truth. And whatever the truth is, I am going to try to get it out. And be as transparent as possible," said Edwards in an interview last week.

Robert Lee Brown, 55, was killed on September 7, outside his South Madison Street home, after he attacked Officer Derrick Williams, stabbing him in the shoulder. After shouting for Brown to stop, Williams fired his gun, hitting Brown in the back.

Edwards said he will not employ a special prosecutor in this case, because he is not encumbered "from performing his duty of seeking truth and justice."

The grand jury will take up the case in November or December, Edwards said in a release.

Edwards said that when the case is presented to the grand jury there will be a taped recording of eyewitness testimony.

He believes when citizens are involved in the process, it will alleviate any beliefs that one side was favored over another.

"I am intending that this doesn't happen in this circumstance because number one, it is my duty to make sure that the truth is brought out and I want to do that for the benefit for everybody that is involved, most especially for the community that is concerned about how these things are unfolded," said Edwards.

Brown's family said he had mental health issues, and was behind on his medication. Officer Williams remains on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues.

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